These blood delivery drones are the future of medicine

A team of scientists has pulled off an unprecedented technological feat. They have managed to deliver a dozen blood samples by air, across 257 km of American desert. A feat made possible by the ever more efficient use of drones.

The countryside on 4G?
Life in the countryside is good, life in the city is bad. This binary vision is an essential part of the American collective imagination. It's a preconceived notion that's "supported" by an army of films and TV movies all based on the same scenario: a single father/mother, too absorbed in her/his job to take care of her/his children, finds herself/himself forced to go into exile in a charming country town for X reason; and there, she/he meets her/his soul mate, the one who will open her/his eyes to the true meaning of family. On paper, it all looks very nice, but the reality is more nuanced: fewer shops, fewer professional opportunities, and more... rudimentary medical care. But for the latter, everything will change.

Getting your test results or going to the pharmacist is an obstacle course when you live in a rural area. Travelling dozens of kilometres by road is a tiring and demanding ordeal, and when the roads in question are dirt roads, arid deserts or tropical forests, the journey is impossible. A handful of daring companies have seen a boon, a niche market: transporting medical supplies by drone. The airline company Zipline was the first to see the potential: in October 2016, their drones delivered blood bags to some twenty institutions in Rwanda! A successful world first that led to the Zipline - Tanzania partnership for 2018.


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